Our Mission


Unleash the power of nature to enrich lives and the land for generations to come.

Bio-Logical Capital—a land investment, development, revitalization, and conservation company—finds large-scale land opportunities and creates businesses that produce food, electricity, water, homes, buildings, and experiences. We use a Stewardship Development approach that delivers lasting value and strong returns by investing for the long-term, and by integrating sustainable business with ecological restoration and conservation. This “enrich, hold, and share” model deepens people’s relationship with the land, supports vibrant communities, and establishes a culture of stewardship.

Hawai‘i is a place rich with abundant natural resources. With responsible development and stewardship, Hawai‘i can produce sustainable resources and generate economic self-sufficiency. Bio-Logical Capital can help by bringing in partners, investors, leading technology, field experts, and most importantly, an approach founded on doing what is right for the land and its people.

The values that guide our decision making in all our projects are:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Stewardship
  • Legacy
  • Collaboration
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