Our Team

Bio-Logical Capital’s staff includes leading experts and practitioners

in real estate development, environmental science and conservation, landscape architecture, community planning, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and forestry, as well as business, law, finance, and project management. Each brings deep technical skills and a conviction that changing the way we live and work with the land must become the economic innovation of our time and our legacy.

Grant McCargo
Managing Director, Founder and CEO

Grant brings more than 20 years of experience in sustainable development and conservation to Bio-Logical Capital. He is also the founder of Urban Villages, Inc., a leading-edge real estate development and investment firm. In his role as CEO, Grant establishes the vision for Bio-Logical Capital and takes the lead in investor and partner relations, policy, and overall operations. He has successfully completed more than $2 billion of transactions and has developed and invested across all real estate asset types. Grant recently completed a 10-year term on the board of directors with the Colorado chapter of The Nature Conservancy, during which time he was instrumental in completing many complex, large-scale conservation transactions throughout the state.

“When I look at how we have developed over the last 100 years, I realize we are out of balance and making choices that don’t make sense in terms of economics and the environment. I had my ‘ah-ha’ moment in real estate years ago when I realized that long-term investment (designing projects to last for generations and to meet diverse needs) created better value. I had a similar ‘ah-ha’ moment about how we steward and live with land while volunteering for The Nature Conservancy and it has evolved into Bio-Logical Capital. Now, as a company, our challenge is to provide the ‘ah-ha’ moment for the business world to prove the business case that long-term investment that integrates diverse sustainable business development with ecological restoration and conservation is better for investors, communities and the land.”

Josh Daniel
Senior Manager

Josh is a registered landscape architect and LEED accredited professional who brings a strong resume of ecological planning and design to the project development team. He is an expert in understanding the role of holistic site planning and systems-thinking in the design process. He has been directly involved with over twenty sustainable projects from conceptual planning through construction and has served as the landscape architect on three LEED Platinum projects. Prior to joining Bio-Logical Capital, Josh practiced design and was a senior project manager and landscape architect with the international award-winning firms Andropogon and HOK. His body of work reflects a deep commitment to environmental design excellence on every level. Josh holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design and Masters degree in Landscape Architecture, both from Auburn University.

“I feel that “work” should be meaningful, and for me that means connecting people with land in a powerful and reciprocal relationship.  Stewardship Development is the most engaging method I know of to protect place, restore land, and empower people.  It is the framework for working thoughtfully, which really excites me.  My goal is to grow food that nourishes community while we restore land and invest in long-term benefits for both.  That is our best path toward living well.”

Christin Reynolds
Manager, Project Engineering and Spatial Planning

Christin brings her broad background in engineering, science, and policy to Bio-Logical Capital’s diverse team of experts. Christin has applied these same skills in a number of project settings, including the use of iterative mapping as a community-planning tool. She passionately believes in the empowering ability of science to help unlock collaborative solutions. Prior to joining Bio-Logical Capital, Christin worked on community-based land use permitting, coastal management policy, and water management issues for federal and local governments in Hawai‘i and American Samoa. She has also previously worked as a natural resource engineer for Applied Science Associates and Applied Technology and Management doing environmental modeling and renewable energy siting. Christin is a Rotary ambassadorial scholar with a master’s degree in engineering and policy analysis from the Technische Universiteit Delft in the Netherlands and Harbin Institute of Technology in Harbin, China. She received her bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts.

“When I was a child my family moved from a cabin in the woods to a colonial style home in the suburbs. The contrast for me was very stark. Because of my intense love of nature, I found it difficult to find peace in the city environment. I found myself asking questions such as: why can’t the walls of my home be made of pear trees with climbing blackberry vines? And why can’t we have a waterfall to generate electricity and provide showers? Questions of this nature remain with me today and are at the heart of my professional objectives.

Now at Bio-Logical Capital, I have found the answer: we do not have to retreat to a cabin in the woods to find peace; instead we can interweave the power and the peace of nature into our modern day communities. I look forward to integrating technologies inspired by the principles of nature to generate energy, grow quality food, and sustain water resources.”

Rich Leavy
Farm Manager
Rich in Hana Nov 2013_263x170

Rich leads Bio-Logical Capital’s farming efforts on Maui. He has participated in a variety of different farming systems and styles and brings this considerable knowledge and experience to Bio-Logical Capital’s work. Previously, Rich managed New Sprout Organic Farms, a 55-acre organic vegetable farm in Asheville, NC. Prior to New Sprout, Rich spent the previous 10 years growing for, and ultimately managing, Full Belly Farm: an organic fruit, nut, vegetable, and small animal farm on 400 acres in the Capay Valley in northern California. He has also lived and farmed in New York and Connecticut. Rich holds bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and environmental studies from St. Lawrence University.

“As farmers, our actions are deeply rooted in, and have far reaching implications towards, our collective cultural development. The food we grow, joined with how and where we chose to grow it, will be one of our most lasting legacies. Cherishing the land, the natural resources, and the human capital used to produce that food must steer the conversation regarding our current food systems. My exposure to a variety of different farms has had a significant impact on this approach to agricultural development. Farming, particularly on the small-to-mid size scale, can be so personally consuming that long-term vision and sense of place are too easily blurred by daily obligation and routine. With Bio-Logical Capital, I am hoping to bring agricultural innovation and community development to the forefront of farm system design. Farms need to maintain a focus on the needs of their immediate communities as a means to building the social equity needed to establish a regional identity. Ultimately, we need to create a working farm model demonstrating that fiscal stability can be achieved through the incorporation of ecological diversity and social identity.”

Ian Davidson
Manager, Agronomy
Ian Web Image_265x170

Ian is a soil and fertility expert with extensive training in holistic resource management, soil microbiology, certified organic farm operations, fertilizer manufacturing, and composting system design. He has worked as an agricultural consultant, researcher, lecturer, and entrepreneur. Prior to joining Bio-Logical Capital, Ian founded and served as the president of BioLogic Systems—an agricultural product supply and consulting company based in Santa Rosa California. With BioLogic Systems, he helped develop over 200 client relationships with land management professionals including farmers, ranchers, landscapers, and government agencies. Ian also brings experience in natural foods production and distribution to Bio-Logical Capital; he has held management positions with Whole Foods Market, Wild Oats Market, and the Boulder Community Food Co-op.

“From declining bee populations to aquifer depletion, the future of agriculture may appear catastrophic and hopeless. However, solutions to our agricultural problems do exist. These solutions are not based on far-fetched technological breakthroughs, but rather on studying and mimicking natural processes that have governed plant growth since the beginning of terrestrial life on earth—long before the invention of modern-day, input-intensive agriculture.

With Bio-logical Capital I contribute my expertise as part of a much larger vision that brings together an incredible team of specialists from diverse, but related, disciplines. Together, we are working to solve the great ecological, social and environmental challenges of our time. This collaborative environment brings me great inspiration and a deep feeling of purpose in the work that I do every day.”

Morgan Maki
Retail Operations Manager
Bio Picture Morgan Maki 03a (2)

Morgan is a seasoned food service professional who is passionate about preparing delicious food, sharing the story of healthy food, and building community around a local food system. Morgan leads Hana Ranch’s food retail business, bringing culinary experiences from our fields to your plate. Morgan previously served as a member of the operations team for Bi-Rite Market in San Francisco. He worked as a leader and mentor with the kitchen, butcher, and deli departments and helped teach the importance of the market’s role in Northern California’s food system to staff and guests alike. During his tenure with the market, Morgan also helped to create a non-profit food education space called 18 Reasons, which brings together farmers, food producers, and members of the community to share experiences teaching, learning about, and preparing food. Morgan attended New England Culinary Institute and has spent many years managing fine dining restaurant kitchens in Boston, Montana, and San Francisco.

“I believe that it’s our responsibility to engage our communities, food systems, and families to educate and encourage.  To teach the value of stewardship, permaculture, and regenerative agriculture, to take action and share our success with others who will engage the land as we do.  At Bio Logical Capital, I’m proud to be a part of a team that recognizes the importance of this and takes action to drive positive change for our environment.”

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