The goal of Stewardship Development is to increase the value of land, the vibrancy of communities, and the consistency of earnings and returns.

With this approach, we unleash the power of nature to drive sustainable business, restore healthy ecosystems, and build strong communities. Despite its favorable climate and abundant natural resources, Hawai‘i must currently import more than 85 percent of its food and energy. Through Stewardship Development, we believe we can help reverse these trends and support the State’s movement toward self-sufficiency.

Respect for Hawai‘i

Hawai‘i is a special place where respect is practiced everyday by doing what is pono for the land and for each other. Its history and faces reflect diverse cultures living in harmony with one another based on the foundation of respect. Here the land is living and considered the source of all life for those who call Hawai‘i home. Family is more than just who you’re related to. Families are your friends, your neighbors, and your community. At Bio-Logical Capital, we share Hawai‘i’s values, approaching every project with the goal to enrich lives and the land. We ask to join you as stewards of this beautiful place, not just for today or tomorrow, but for decades and generations to come.

Commitment to Hawai‘i

Bio-Logical Capital is committed to helping Hawai‘i protect its natural environment, develop local sources of food and energy, build a strong and diverse local economy, and grow in a way that supports thriving communities. We’ve assembled a Hawai‘i team who will work locally on collaborative opportunities to spark vibrant community developments. Our long-term projects will provide consistent earnings and returns, combined with increased health and value to the land. But we know having a physical presence in Hawai‘i is just a step towards building trust. Ultimately, trust will come from our actions.

Future for Hawai‘i

By working closely with our partners, Bio-Logical Capital is designing innovative solutions for Hawai‘i’s future in the areas of:

  • Sustainable agriculture – growing healthy, local food
  • Reliable, clean water stewardship – restoring forests and recycling wastewater
  • Far-sighted land management – protecting natural resources and revitalizing communities
  • Renewable energy – producing local, clean, affordable power

Our unique whole-system solutions approach blends traditional knowledge with cutting-edge technology to create models of smart land resource management—a modern day ahupua‘a – to produce positive impacts on environmental health and island sustainability. Our projects will unite people and nature through jobs, recreation, restoration, education, smart design, and numerous other by-products of a healthy environment. We feel this combination will prove successful for shareholders, stakeholders, communities, and the land.

Success Through Collaboration

Our commitments to our projects start with our commitment to our partners. We search the world for communities and organizations who share in our vision to create a business that simultaneously creates economic, environmental, and social gains. Together can we build thriving and sustainable lands for people to work, live, and play.

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