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  • Planting seeds of prosperity – Editorial thoughts from Guy in The Hawaii Independent

    In his latest submission to the Hawaii Independent, Guy Kaulukukui, senior vice president for Bio-Logical Capital, shares the evolution of his thoughts and understanding of the kōleo bird. The more he observed the annual comings and goings of the kōleo, Guy came to see the natural rhythms of nature, in which every creature plays its small role. These birds use Hawai’i as a haven and contribute their own resources and beauty to…

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  • Guy shares his aloha for Hawai‘i in The Hawaii Independent

    Inspired by a recent visit to Hana, Guy Kaulukukui wrote this piece about his affection for Hawai’i and the commitment to keeping her beautiful and healthy.  By being a steward of the land and people, Guy honors Hawai’i’s past and is building a better future for Hawai’i for generations to come.  The editorial was published by Hawaii Independent as part of a series that Bio-Logical Capital will be submitting over the course of 2013.

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  • Ideas for a better Hawai‘i: participation at the Hawai‘i Ideas Summit

    The Hawai’i Ideas Summit brought together a powerful group of thought leaders to discuss education, society, the environment, the economy, and our place in the world. Bio-Logical Capital was honored to help sponsor the event and to have our Director of Hawai’i, Guy Kaulukukui, participate on a panel about Hawai’i’s economy (view full panel discussion here).

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