Ideas for a better Hawai‘i: participation at the Hawai‘i Ideas Summit
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The Hawai‘i Ideas Summit brought together a powerful group of thought leaders to discuss education, society, the environment, the economy, and our place in the world. Bio-Logical Capital was honored to help sponsor the event and to have our Director of Hawai‘i, Guy Kaulukukui, participate on a panel about Hawai‘i’s economy (view full panel discussion here).

Guy spoke about the need for everyone in Hawai‘i to work together to pull the state’s economy through tough waters. He also submitted a corresponding thought piece—“Shouldn’t we treat the planet as if its the only one we have”—in which he muses about how people can treat our island home with the respect and stewardship it deserves. As part of the editorial, Guy says:

“Imagine yourself alone in a canoe. Now imagine that it’s the only canoe on the ocean and the only thing between you and treading water for your life. The canoe sustains you. It is your home. It is the platform from which you feed yourself and it captures rainwater. Without it, you would perish. Wouldn’t you do everything in your power to care for your canoe so it can in turn care for you?

From the perspective of outer space, the Earth IS a canoe. Being one of 7 billion people on an isolated planet drifting in an infinite universe is like being on a canoe in the middle of the ocean by yourself. And if you can keep this in mind you will make fundamentally different choices with respect to the environment.”

Some ways in which we can help care for our islands are to address pressing issues of local food, energy, and water. Bio-Logical Capital is excited to work closely with partners throughout Hawai‘i to help move the needle in terms of growing healthy food, clean energy, reliable water, and strong communities.

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