O, the Oprah Magazine highlights Bio-Logical Capital’s sustainable agriculture work in Hawai‘i
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cover-247x300Bio-Logical Capital is excited to announce that our work on Oprah’s Maui farm is featured in the June 2013 issue of O, the Oprah Magazine (click here for the full text of the article). We were contracted to help create an organic farm on Ms. Winfrey’s property and have been actively farming the property since August 2012. We are thrilled at the opportunity this project has given us to implement sustainable agriculture methods in Hawai‘i, and we hope that this article will create the opportunity for more conversations about our vision for changing farming practices worldwide.

Through our work on Oprah’s Farm, we seek to illustrate how sustainable agriculture can help to protect Hawai‘i’s natural environment, develop local sources of food, build a strong and diverse local economy, and help the farm’s surrounding communities to thrive.  Despite Hawai‘i’s favorable climate and strong natural resources, the state currently imports over 85% of its food and energy. Agriculture is one piece of a system that, put together, holds solutions for food, energy, water, and sustainability in Hawai‘i.

“Agriculture is a powerful tool that can rejuvenate land, build community, and strengthen the local economy,” said Guy Kaulukukui, senior vice president of operations in Hawai‘i for Bio-Logical Capital. “Bio-Logical Capital is pleased to share our vision of healthy, sustainable farming and hopefully inspire others to grow more food right here in Hawai‘i soil.”

Bio-Logical Capital’s practice of regenerative farming helps build soil health and ensures healthy plants without the use of synthetic inputs, such as toxic herbicides and pesticides. This approach not only produces more food, but it also produces healthier food that is more flavorful and nutrient-dense. This method conserves water, lessens water pollution, saves energy and reduces the amount of land needed to grow food.

(Cover image courtesy of O, The Oprah Magazine)

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