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Our team shares common belief that people are part of nature and we can create consistent value and healthier communities by listening to, learning from, and deepening our relationship with nature.

We are pioneers of Stewardship Development, a smart land investment approach that revitalizes the land, strengthens communities, and generates economic value.

Hāna Ranch
Maui, Hawai‘i

Bio-Logical Capital acts a project manager for Hāna Ranch, a 3,600-acre cattle ranch and certified organic farm on Maui. Since the purchase of the property in 2013, Bio-Logical Capital continues to oversee financial projects and strategic leadership for daily operations of the ranch, as well as the two farm-to-table restaurants associated with the project.


Through our work on Hāna Ranch, we seek to enrich the land and help it flourish, bringing economic and entrepreneurial opportunities to all of Hāna, while providing fresh food to the community. We hope to maintain Hāna Ranch’s natural beauty, continue its legacy as a productive ranch, and be part of a dynamic community centered on healthy food, clean water, and a thriving environment.


View the Hāna Ranch Vision Book

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The Farm at OW Ranch
Maui, Hawai‘i

In 2010, Bio-Logical Capital was hired as a consultant to design and build the 16-acre farm at OW Ranch on Maui.


The Farm at OW Ranch is a beautiful, productive and iconic farm that takes “beyond organic” products to market. The Farm at OW Ranch embodies the tangible relationship between people and the land, and the crops and animals that support their lives. All design, from the gardens to the structures, is measured by the standards of beauty, long-term diversity, health and productivity.

Learn more about the project in O Magazine.

Local Farming
O‘ahu and Maui, Hawai‘i

Bio-Logical Capital is currently in discussions to develop diversified organic farming practices on the islands of O‘ahu and Maui. The projects will provide an infrastructure that will educate and facilitate learning opportunities for students, farmers, and community members in holistic farming techniques for local conditions. We envision farms that integrate a wide variety of farming strategies to diversify farm products, embraces community interaction, and achieves early productivity and phased growth through whole-systems site planning.

Bio-Logical Capital’s goal is to restore the health of the ecosystem processes on the land, produce healthy nutrient-dense food, demonstrate model agro-ecological techniques, and create opportunities for additional business enterprises on the island.  Our ongoing work at Oprah’s Farm on Maui provides unique opportunity to illustrate the benefits of regenerative agriculture practices and, hopefully, inspire others to engage in growing more food locally.

Moloka‘i Renewables
Moloka‘i, Hawai‘i

Moloka‘i Renewables LLC, is a joint venture between Pattern Energy Group and Bio-Logical Capital. The company was formed to explore an opportunity to provide clean energy to Hawai‘i in a responsible manner through a 200MW wind project on Moloka‘i Ranch lands.

Recently, Moloka‘i Properties announced that it has made a decision not to renew the agreement for the proposed wind project on Moloka‘i Ranch at this time. While Moloka‘i Renewables is disappointed, we respect their decision. We have enjoyed working with Moloka‘i Properties and appreciate their commitment to Moloka‘i.

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