Guy Kaulukukui featured in Mana Magazine article “5 Corporate Kanaka Maoli Leaders”
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Guy Kaulukukui, Bio-Logical Capital Senior Vice President and Director of Hawai‘i, was profiled in the July/August 2013 issue of Mana Magazine in a feature article entitled “5 Corporate Kānaka Maoli Leaders: Kānaka Maoli remain rooted in their values to bring success to the corporate world”. The article, authored by Meredith Enos, highlights five exemplary Hawaiian leaders discussing the ways they balance their corporate responsibilities with their commitment to their heritage. Guy shared about his time as a teacher and coach, explaining that these experiences inform his work at Bio-Logical Capital where he sees his role as supporting and guiding the team toward success.

Read an excerpt from the article below:

5 Corporate Kanaka Maoli Leaders

5 Leaders p2

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