Ecotourism stimulates local economies, advances conservation efforts, and fosters respect for the land and its communities.

We create authentic opportunities that enable people to learn through experiences. Time and again, ecotourism has provided travelers with powerful and transformative experiences. People who travel to view wildlife, volunteer for conservation, visit farms, or learn about the unique history and culture of a place are frequently impacted with lasting memories, a new outlook on the world and a stronger understanding of the natural environment.

Bio-Logical Capital’s ecotourism approach weaves together our multiple business lines to spark deep connectedness to the land and its people. Financially, ecotourism further diversifies revenue lines, increases land value, helps improve habitat, and creates local economic benefits.


Be authentic to the place

To protect and enhance the land’s future, Bio-Logical Capital identifies and showcases existing resources to create sustainable tourism opportunities that allow people to experience the true character of the land and its heritage. There are many interconnected ways that the land provides these gifts:

  • The beauty of stunning vistas, hidden trails, and powerful waves crashing upon a shore;
  • The storytelling power of sensitive cultural and historic sites and the reflection these provide of local values and traditions;
  • The distinctive natural systems that sometimes mean this is the only place to experience a particular plant or animal, or to witness an ecosystem working at a micro level;
  • A wide range of recreational opportunities like hiking and biking, hunting and fishing, bird watching, rock climbing, horseback riding, swimming, or just finding a peaceful moment alone in nature; and
  • The chance to learn about new research or restoration methods, or gain technical skills.
Sit lightly on the land

Our first responsibility in ecotourism is to protect the resources that define the character of the land and make it worth a visit in the first place. All our efforts are grounded in conserving and restoring the land itself, and minimizing the impact tourism has on the land. This means Bio-Logical Capital ensures small scale, light-footprint lodging development that maximizes energy and water efficiency, embraces the use of rapidly renewable building materials, integrates on-site gardens to provide food, and maintains the buildings so that there is minimal waste, pollution, or environmental harm. In addition, we develop ecotourism activities on a scale that is in harmony with the land.

Invite people to enjoy and connect with the land

Bio-Logical Capital’s ecotourism efforts are specifically designed with respect to the land in a way that welcomes, engages, and informs our visitors about the social, economic and environmental impacts their visit has. Our guests learn through direct experiences with nature by taking in appropriately sited signage, finding self-guided wilderness trails, and participating in hands-on projects. People are encouraged to connect with the land and its people in a very personal and experiential way that will touch their lives forever.


Interconnectedness adds value to all businesses

By bringing together diverse revenue streams, ecotourism boosts all business lines. Visitors do more than spend the night in our lodging. In visiting our land, they create a market for the many other industries on the land, like guided tours, recreational and technical classes, local produce, and handicrafts.

Supports communities

Ecotourism brings people to the land and generates awareness of and appreciation for its culture, history, and heritage. This in turn provides financial benefits and empowerment for local communities by creating opportunities for jobs and business skill development – from hospitality and service to tour guiding and conservation – that will last for a lifetime. It also helps instill a renewed sense of pride and responsibility by local communities.

Creates “stewards of the land”

In creating an authentic ecotourism experience, Bio-Logical Capital empowers responsible visitors who are interested in social, economic, and environmental sustainability – people who experience, understand and value the land, and the resources it provides. This is more than a nice vacation – it is a transformative experience through which people see the land as part of themselves and remain dedicated to protecting it in the future, in whatever community they live in.

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