Places for People


Mōhala i ka wai ka maka o ka pua – Unfolded by the water are the faces of the flowers.

Flowers thrive where there is water, as thriving people are found where living conditions are good.

Real estate development at Bio-Logical Capital is about enriching communities. We create places that are cherished by people and endure for generations. Our real estate framework is based on empowering people to reconnect with the land and with nature.

Streetscape designs give people the freedom to safely enjoy walking rather than driving their cars. A robust mixture of building types and housing options enables people of all income levels to live close to school and work. Buildings are designed to use resources efficiently by managing water without waste, strategically using shading and sunlight to reduce energy needs, and finding multiple uses for every individual piece of land.

Bio-Logical Capital’s community investments add value to people’s lives and therefore retain economic value over time.


Leverage existing assets

Bio-Logical Capital can make the most of existing environmental and cultural resources through activities that leverage and improve existing communities, such as:

  • Infill development: developing unused or underutilized land to renew and grow its potential;
  • Streetscape improvements: making more pedestrian-friendly streets through better lighting, landscaping, stormwater management, and traffic control;
  • Utility upgrades: focusing on energy efficiency and renewable production to serve the needs of the local community;
  • Preservation: building upon and highlighting the unique character and assets of the community.
Design for people and place

All design should start with an understanding of how people live and act in a particular location. Bio-Logical Capital designs at the pedestrian level – providing enough room on the sidewalk, including trees for shade and protection from cars, ensuring signs are readable from a walker’s perspective, narrowing streets so that cars slow down to a safe speed, and providing courtyards and outdoor living areas where people can gather and relax. We seek community input in order to learn from and respond to the local history, climate, culture and aesthetic so that the built environment reflects the unique character of the place.

Find the most efficient and sustainable design

Bio-Logical Capital saves money, time, and resources for a community over the long term through the use of smaller infrastructure, durable materials, and low-impact design. We work with the natural flows of water, air, sunlight, and waste to create places where rain is a resource instead of a nuisance, where buildings are shaded in the summer and sunlit in winter, and paved surfaces are minimized in favor of green spaces. Every space serves multiple purposes and is full of life all day long; no parking lot sits vacant and no lamp illuminates an empty street. In our communities, a grassy courtyard suitable for lunch outdoors also helps to capture rainwater and can host the weekend market.

Foster connections

Bio-Logical Capital weaves together the threads of nature, people, and business to create an urban fabric that supports a vibrant community. By placing a diverse mixture of uses – schools, walking paths, stores, offices, homes, apartments – close together, we encourage connections between business and people. We incorporate natural elements such as trees, trails, streams, and green spaces into the urban environment so people are always connected to nature. In our communities, children still have the opportunity to catch frogs and explore forest groves safely.


Stronger local economies

Small-scale communities spark more interaction among those who live there. You know the shopkeepers you are supporting through your purchases, and you know those dollars are going right back into the community.

Higher quality of life

Compact communities allow people to make choices for a simpler lifestyle and provide easy access to nature. People don’t need a car for commuting or running daily errands. They have easy access to neighborhood parks. They are surrounded by protected natural and working land, which also provides food, fiber, and opportunities for recreation.

Healthier environment – and healthier people

More and more evidence proves there are clear links between everyday environmental exposures – like air pollution, contaminated water sources, toxic chemicals in the food we eat or the products we use – and adverse effects on human health. Bio-Logical Capital’s approach offers practical solutions that help protect people and the places where they live.

  • In a community that requires fewer trips in the car, there is more exercise and less air pollution, making a healthier place to live.
  • In a community that manages stormwater where it lands and lets natural-based systems filter out pollutants, there are healthier streams and rivers, and ample fresh, local drinking water.
  • In a community in which homes use water-saving appliances and businesses minimize water consumption, there is sufficient water to meet all demands.
  • In a community that embraces home and commercial building design that makes efficient use of heat, light, electricity, and local building materials, there are fewer carbon emissions and the land retains more of its non-renewable resources.
  • In a community where neighbors are engaged with each other and cars travel at reasonable speeds, there is a shared commitment to community safety.
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